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i bought a 3500$ standby generator and they agreed not to charge the c/c till i had approved the freight to canada. i waited 2 days for the freight cost and when nothing arrived, i canceled the order.

several days later i got a call from the FRAUD dep't of my c/c company informing me of this 3500$

charge. read the rest below

let me tell you that i will be reporting you to ebay

as you have caused me serious problems.

i will also be contacting the BBB

last but not least, i will set up a website WARNING PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM YOUR COMPANY

how dare you charge my credit card without my permission and without having concluded the transaction

as per terms ?

now i had to file an affidavit to report this as FRAUD and the credit card company

is issuing a new card which means i lost tons of time having to notify automatic payees.

i was made aware of this transaction because the bank just phoned here and i had to spend 20 minutes

just with this call.

i am thoroughly disgusted and i will detail all that happened here on the new website which

i will endeavor to have up and running within 24 hours.

aside from the headache and lost time, you did not even live up to your promise to

ship to canada with shipping rates to follow and that you will wait till i approve the shipping cost,

instead i got a BS email today telling me i have to ship to us address and find someone to re ship to me.

have you people taken leave of your senses ???

last but not least i had even emailed your company and notified you to cancel the order

as i waited but no one contacted me and in the meantime i placed the order with WEST

for nearly 5k

i just hate people like you and i won't rest till you bear the brunt of my anger.

what you have done is nothing short of criminal

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I have never bought anything from Northern Tool but for some reason I have 2 759.99 charges on my debit card account. Can anyone point me in a direction to resolve this?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #783982

This company is regularly doing this sort of thing. Has happened to several customers over the time I worked for these sneaky, coniving crooks!!

Athens, Ohio, United States #675807

So, big talker, where is your web site?


I wish I would have read all these complaints about Northern tool. I ordered my product through Amazon which stated free shipping.

Now they can't deliver to my house and told me if it's sent back they will deduct 90.00 dollars for shipping. Thank God my cousin is a lawyer. HE told me if they deduct this amount to let him know and we will do something. This is theft, taking money they were not authorize to do.

COME on Northern Tool and screw me over.

You'll pay 50 times the amount..

Oh and by the way I work at a school district and they order from this company. I was told to keep them updated and if I'm done wrong they will take them off their list...


I'm so full of hate for you even more

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