Northern Tool sold me a warranty on a pressure washer . Item failed so went back for replacement as warranty states.

No longer carried that brand so they gave me a much less featured product.

Simply wanted a refund. They refused so I complained to corp office.Absolutely refused to assist.No where to go with this company.Even dealt with the store manager who directed the swap to a lesser pressure washer.Corp office kept referring me back to the store in Tampa,Fl.Its not my fault that store no longer carried that particular brand.

Be careful of Northern Tool.

Product or Service Mentioned: Northern Tool And Equipment Pressure Washer.

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Extended warranty bought with businesses credit card made the warranty for commercial use even though none of the paper work indicated reduction in warranty time


Just reported a little while ago. Now they are not covering the power washer as the unit was taken off the mount as it rusted in place and asked if I could and was told yes, even the repair guy said no problem and the guy who looked at it made it worse as it leaks in an area it never did.

They also want me to pay the repair shop.

Waited over two weeks for that and they will not give me my warranty money back.

What a scam they have. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!


I have a north star power washer paid for onsite repair and still waiting for over two weeks. They told me to take it in even though the place is over 1.5 hrs away each way. Did not understand onsite and still waiting for someone to come out to repair. Should not offer the warranty if they do not come to my location.

Even told me to fix it myself.

Not helpful at all


i bought a pressure washer and the pump went out before the warranty ran out and they would not fix it.i will never do buisness or recomend any one to buy from them .their stuff is junk and they will not stand behind it.


Bought several products from NT. Had a cpl problems with a cpl items.Store worked well with me,and exchanged both with no problem.I guess all companies has a few B'''hole managers,but as for the chatt,tn store no complaints from me.


you can reach the vice president of customer service direct at 612-859-4987.


They dont take returns, even if they advise you on the product, and they advise you incorrectly. Now I am stuck with a $1,000.00 generator that wont power what I need it to. The last of my money they will ever see.


Northen's customer service is worse than poor. In addition, they DO NOT honor extended warranty contracts.


There are better and more customer friendly companies to deal with. Even if you have to pay a bit more somewhere else I say "DO IT!"


NTE often buys reconditioned items to turn a quick profit. They do NOT care about the quality of what they sell. The managers and sales ppl KNOW most of the stuff they sell is junk.


i love that store, u probably bought the cheapest thing u could. northern tool makes there own brand of pressure washer which is north star and it is an exceptional brand.

if they dont carry a brand anymore it was because it was a one time buy and probably reconditioned! might want to do your home work next time

to michael #1398998

Bough North Star sucked into extended warranty which they refused to honor

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