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I am definitely NOT A PISSED Consumer. I've had years of great product support — especially from their tech support department.

Let's start with my pressure washer. The 208cc 3000 psi Powerhorse model. It's at least 6 years old now, and has never failed. I don't use it daily, but average at least one good project a month - for painting house, cleaning large driveways, etc .

Toward the end of the first summer the sprayer hose got trapped between a wall and scraped down the hose, which is pretty heavy duty, but after a full day of use a spot wore through and water came out. I called Northern Tool. They replaced it. No charge, and even sent me some bonus upgrade parts.

This year, after storing it for the winter, it was running fine but shut down after about 5-10 min of use. I couldn't find my manual. Turned out it was low on both oil and pump oil, and even though it's a little older now, has a an auto-shutoff feature so you don't burn out the motors.

The tech's were so knowledgable about what to do, explaining why I should use non-detergent pump oil in the pump, and 10w-30 for overall use in the engine. So, I drained the oils and refilled (easy), and it's running like it's brand new.

While on the phone I bled the techs brain about little things and he explained the difference between my machine and their newer version of the same model, and so many other things, and I bought some easy upgrades. They sent me a new manual at no charge.

I got the sense that either the techs have tons of hands-on experience, or that Northern Tool keeps excellent records with deep detail of equipment models and previous questions by customers, and makes the answers easily accessible to the techs. IMO all companies should model their customer support after Northern Tool.

One of the packages did not arrive due to a foul-up by UPS working with USPS, and when I called Northern Tool they re-sent it 2 day UPS guarantee delivery, at no extra charge.

I could go on, but I've had great experiences with Northern Tool and consider them first when I'm looking for new tools or mechanical equipment.

Reason of review: Good customer service, Good quality, and all the other reasons above.

I liked: Great pressure washwercustomer service and tech support.

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