Northern tool will be more than glad to take the hard earn dollars from active duty members, retired and reserve. They are reaping the benefits of doing business in the Great U.S.A.

but they won't even give our veterans a discount. Maybe they should move to China, Russia or Iraq. If they would move to one of those places then they can be anti-American with that population, Vets should boycott northern tool. I sure hope our U.S.

government does not do business with Northern Tool, if they do we need to stop that.

I wonder if any of the executives

of Northern tool ever served in the U.S. Military.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Too many competitors out there who honor our service members. Googled Northerntools Military discount and a comment about them not having a military discount was the first thing that popped up.

Will research other stores to purchase the item needed. Thanks!

New London, North Carolina, United States #1285447

I appreciate when a company gives a discount to veterans or first responders. I spent 8 years in the Navy and retired as a firefighter.

I still don't expect discounts nor do I condemn when I'm told they don't offer them. I do frequent stores that offer veterans discounts more often when it makes sense to but won't refuse business because someone doesn't want to offer that benefit to 3-8% of the population.

Avon, Indiana, United States #1269731

Everyone wants a discount! You shouldn't get a discount just because you're in the military.

If that's the case, police and fireman should also get a discount. How about the doctor that might save your life one day? How about the innocent person that was driving down the road and was hit by another vehicle and left permanently disabled?

How about a student discount? It's up to each individual company if they want to offer discounts, and who they want to offer discounts to.

Loveland, Colorado, United States #1220970

This is in response to an old comment however your sense of entitlement is unbefitting a member of the US military.

I have proudly served SELFLESSLY in the Army for over 20 years to date and it's people like you that give us a bad name.

If northern tool is kind enough to offer a discount then kudos to them. If not, as a consumer, I have the option to shop elsewhere but not solely on the grounds that we are owed anything by anyone.

To anyone reading these words, the OP does not, in any way, shape, or form speak for the uniformed services but rather an entitled mentality that is polluting our country. Try a little grace and selflessness in your life, you might actually accomplish something rather than waiting for the handout you believe you are owed.

to Anonymous Bonaire, Georgia, United States #1338721

Shut up! Quit your whining and making vets look like we want handouts.

As others said, it's awesome if they give us a discount, but don't complain in an open forum like this if they don't. Go to Lowes to shop if you don't like it.

to Anonymous #1434905

I agree, I like my discounts at Lowe's and he, and arbeys but if it does not fit in their company profile, ie Costco, Sam's, northern, etc it does not offend me. I have to option to determine if my discount can get the item cheaper elsewhere but never ban a store.

Right now NT has something on sale cheaper than Lowe's with my discount. Going to NT to get it.


You sir are a *** I am in the natl guard and work for northern tool to say what you said makes you the *** problem. Maybe you should move to canada

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