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Ordered a Booster pump from Northern Tool, which has to be shipped direct from manufacturer Pentair Flow Technologies on 5/14/13. Pump would not fit our application.

Got return authorization from Northern Tool, and shipped back to manufacturer and Pentair signed for it on 5/28. Started calling Northern Tool on 6/12/13 regarding the refund (minus restocking fee) to my credit card. A total of six weeks and 7 phone calls later, I finally received my credit. Every customer service person said the same thing, "waiting for authorization from the manufacturer", "authorization has been received, wait two days for credit", "wait another two days", "I will call you tomorrow with an update"(never received call back),"authorization for credit is being processed." It is all B.S.!

They read from cue cards and do not listen to their customers. I was repeatedly "talked over" and interrupted when speaking with the customer service representative.

Learned my lesson. Will never do business with Norhern Tool again.

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In the first few weeks working in the Delavan, Wi. plant I saw an obvious safety issue and reported it to my supervisor.

The response was That s the way it s been done for years . So I brought it to the attention of the manager, and he just literally laughed at me. A year later I wound up with a triple Hernia and lost my savings and everything in my checking account due to injury that I warned them about. When I went back to work nothing has changed, and I was re-injured because of the safety issue and had to sell things to live.

When I returned back to work for the third time, there were a lot of changes but the safety issue that was causing the injuries. Therefore, I was injured again.

I have lost over $46,000 from a work injury in 1 1/2 years. They even submitted a video showing a temp working with a shortened work table and much smaller and much lighter parts that caused my injuries.

to Fedup #735882

Thank you Pentair. I didn't need to have a place to live, enjoy my daughter, or have the ability to live a normal life.


That's because we DO have to wait until the manufacturer contacts us to set up a return. And as for reading from cue cards...

Haha yeah right, customer service reps just have to find a nice way to tell you the same *** you've been calling and wasting our time for day in and day out. I'm sure they would love to essentially tell you to F off.

People need common sense on their side before contacting customer service. ***.


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