Ha LOLNorthern Tool is a laughing joke.The company is only running on borrowed money just research it yourself.In 2012 they took about a 200 million dollar loan threw several companies. A large golf company was one of the people who bought into Northern.Just spend a little time doing some research on Northern like I did.

Northern keeps their NYSE exchange symbol anonymous. Again just look for yourself.They do not give a flying Crud about your order.Just place a online order and see for yourself.Here is the 2012 S&P rate / review http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/13/idUSWNA946220121113TEXT - S&P rates Northern Tool & Equipment Co Google that and see the financial trouble they are in.Folks just do what I did.I ordered a item online and was told by the cashier it would be in within a few days.Once I paid the nearly 300 dollars for the item The cashier then tells me it could be 12 to 14 calendar days for the item to come in, I then said well may I please pay to have the item expedited?The cashier then called the manager to the counter.12 mins later a assistant manager walks up and I explain that I had just made a purchase and would like to have it expedited.. Get this I had just made the purchase and was kindly asking the assist manager a question about getting my order sooner and the guy just stood there looking at me like a dog that had just been shown a card trick.Northern's customer service is a joke.Everyone in Northern is bummed out and has a "I don't care attitude" Northern truly does not care about customer service.Care to question this?

just purchase a online order in a store and see for yourself folks. Here I am 12 calendar days from the day of purchase and still no Item.Yes I place my order online June 26th 2015 and was told only a few days for shipping and now today July 13th 2015 and they still blow me off and love throwing in my face that I signed a document stating that I understand shipping would take several weeks and that there would be a 15% restocking fee if I choose to return the order.Northern's customer service is a laughing joke every time I call them, Its like they are programmed to be aggressive towards customers who want their product that has already been paid for.I have tried to explain to Northerns customer service that in todays market with Harbor Freight an Home Depot and Lowes competitors that it is truly all about CUSTOMER SERVICE, it was like talking to a wall.The customer service person had ZERO boundaries and was being very abrupt towards me and was saying rude things that were not helping me with my questions.Again just do business with Northern and see for yourself, I bet you don't forget this review if you do.Please do your research about Northern before even walking through the front door.Other wise I guarantee one thing If you make a online order or purchase something that may need warranty work one thing is for sure you will not forget this review.LOL

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