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Update by user Apr 17, 2013

I finally got in touch with the regional manager 2 days ago. I have to say...very nice man.

He told me he would look into it to try to help. Today, 2 days later I received a call from the serviceman down at the store and he told me after speaking with the store manager they decided to stand by their warranty and to come and get my new tiller!!!!!! I did however asked if they would give me credit for that machine and put it towards a larger, and more expensive tiller which I feel confident will suit my needs better. They agreed and I took the new, larger machine home and it works much better.

I would like to say thank you to all involved and this has renewed my faith in Northern Tool. I will continue to shop there in the future.

Original review posted by user Apr 15, 2013

I bought a powerhorse 43cc mini cultivator. I used it once, cleaned it and stored it.

Exactly 30 days later (which put it exactly in the 30 day warranty) i used again. I shut it off to add fuel to the tank before it ran dry. When I tried to start it again it was frozen up and couldn't pull the cord out. Took it back to store I bought it from in Rock Hill,SC and they said it was still under the 30 day warranty.

The call I recieved later blew me away. They said it was a fuel problem and thats not covered. The seviceman said I ran straight gas in it because the fuel in the lines and bulb were golden and not blue. I explained the gold color is because of the oil I used the first time I ran it.

It was Evenrude Premium Two Stroke Engine Oil ( because I have an outboard that uses 50:1 mix the same as the cultivator. He said thats the reason it froze up! Because it was marine oil!!!!!. I called Northern Tool and they said it was a warranty issue and they can't help me but gave me some bogus company to call which they said manufactures the engine.

No such luck. I'll tell you what happened...the engine overheated and seized up. Not from lack of oil but from poor fin design on the head. The engine is too low to the tines and is apt to not getting enough air when burrowing down about 10 inches or so with dirt pilling up on both sides.

Even a Nascar engine will blow up without losing a drop of oil if it isn't kept cool enough!!!!!!!! But theres no way of proving anything cause the serviceman says he can't check the fuel that was in the bulb and lines with the gold color. I will never buy from them again!!!! Go to Harbor Freight...

No questions asked.. They just give you a NEW one!!

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Kansas City, Kansas, United States #654419

I must be the odd lucky guy. I've done business with NT for 20 years and have never had any problems.

By the sound of some complaints I think maybe they may bring alot of their problems on themselves.

Just Sayin.

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #640255

You said yourself you put the same 2 cycle oil in it, and you also said it was marine grade. You should read the fine print so time.

Marine 2 cycles run cooler because the are water cooled and the marine grade 2 cycle oil is not as forgiving when it is used in anything that isn't water cooled. I have been running 2 cycle engines for 50 years and I thought everybody knew this. You burnt it up yourself from using the wrong 2 cycle oil.

Your *** and demanding your money back or a new tiller is why prices go up on this kind of stuff. You gotta be smarter than the machine, duh!

to WARRANTY A SCAM!!! NOT Chicago, Illinois, United States #646459




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