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Heater quit working after one day. It took over 1 hour to return b/c of all the red tape and they didn't have one in stock to replace so had to ship from hq.

They tried to charge me $60 shipping for a warranty they should have in stock.

When I complained after 10 days without a new product, and about the shipping charge, the manager told me to get fu**ed and threw my receipet at me and said he is doing nothing for me. I am going to cancell the cc payment b/c I gave them the broke heater and I have nothing to replace it.

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I purchased a radiant and convection heater from Northern that did not work through one season with only infrequent use. I was treated poorly by Jace.

He did not appear to know what he was doing and would not let me talk to his supervisor. Do not buy this Chinese junk from Northern.

We purchased a fan from them also that only half way works. We will not be throwing away anymore money on Northern products that do not perform.

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